Soul and Water Relationship

 Author: Candace Bollon

Many of us have a deep void inside us that keeps us disheartened, anxious, and ever searching.

Have you ever wondered who you are, why are you here or whence you came? I think most of us can say that we have. The knowing through Sensology is that we are energetic sensing beings. Humans have lost their ability to energetically communicate with their Soul Essence or Photon light and until we connect and communicate we will forever wonder looking for these answers of ourselves and the very world we live in. Earth is a water planet and in order to communicate we first must communicate through and in the structures of water. Allowing for us to connect to form and flow in our body. In that connection we are able to communicate with our soul essence. With the knowing of who we are.

The 13 Stages of Human Energetic Development allow for Soul Self Entry. As Kiera states in her Water and Soul Self Entry Blog, “Soul Self entry is the entrance of the Soul (photon light) into human form through the structures of water. Given their unique bond and tetrahedron structures they create an electromagnetic field in which photon light of the soul enters and is contained. The frequency of the photon light then moves through the water and the chromosomes of the human begin to line up.”

There were many times when I would look outward of myself for someone to provide me with what I was needing or in lack of and most times ended up with more disheartenment.

As I moved through Soul Self Entry I moved deep within myself as the structures of water provided I was able to move into a contained space allowing me to be in a space of my own, allowing me to sense and remember who I am. The container gave way for me to not be pushed in on by others giving me a better relationship with my husband, children and others.

I stopped looking outward and started looking to self and only then did I truly see what it was that I needed. Therefore giving me a true sense of self. I started allowing myself to feel what I was feeling and know that is who I am instead of denying myself to feel who I was or cut myself off from my emotions. I learnt that crying was O.K. and that I allowed myself the right to cry. Many times we are pushed in on and others tell us what we should or shouldn’t feel, think or be a certain way but deep in our sensing we know what is us and what is others.

When we are in communication with our true sense of self deep in this knowing we have an overall heathier life, better relationships and can communicate better to the world who we are.

If you would like to establish a deeper sense to self and experience your own soul essence through the structures of water then allow yourself to walk the Soul Self Entry Stage and awaken to a deeper sense of who you are being contained and with your soul essence knowing.