Water and Soul Self Entry

Author: Kiera Donna Laike

Throughout recorded history humans have wondered where we come from and why we are here. The physical explanation to why we are able to take form on Earth is easy – because of water. Most are aware that biological life began when lightning struck the water and single-cell organisms were created. The process of this creation lies in the structure and electromagnetic field of water – thus, the foundation of biological life.

Let’s take a closer look at water to awaken to a new knowing of why when lightning struck the water did single-cell organisms begin forming. This answer rests in the protons and neutrons of the molecules of water. Water’s structure is two hydrogen molecules and one oxygen molecule. The hydrogen nucleus consists of one single proton with one orbiting electron. Oxygen’s nucleus has eight protons and eight neutrons with eight orbiting electrons. The electromagnetic field created by the protons positive charge and the electrons negative charge gives oxygen its unique ability to share electrons. Quantum physicists have no idea why this equal charge in oxygen exists, but in Sensology we understand it as reflective relationship.

Two equal yet opposite forces bonding to facilitate more complex structures and creating a container. Therefore, when the static electric charge (lightning) hit the water molecules on Earth it created an electromagnetic field shift so Earth particles could bond with water.


Tetrahedron Soul Self Entry

Back to the chemical structure. Oxygen has 8 electrons which sit in pairs due to their spin directions labeled spin up or spin down. These spinning electron pairs are again demonstrating a state of reflective relationship. Hydrogen having only one electron is ready to form the paired electron bond by sharing an electron with the oxygen molecule.

Paired Sets give a field Charge

The bonding of the hydrogen atoms to the one oxygen atom due to the pairing of electrons creates an angle between the legs of 109o which represents a tetrahedron1. This angle in water molecule bonding illuminates our energetic development for the soul(photon light). When photon light bonds in human form it creates a tetrahedron. Tetrahedron structures create field containers in which complex beings develop.  


Continued Bonding of Water Molecules

The unique charge of water molecules creates their ability to bond to each other. The sets of unpaired electrons give the water molecule an uneven distribution: a partial negative charge (δ-) at the oxygen side of the structure and a positive charge (δ+) at the hydrogen ends. Thus, the oxygen molecule bonds to the hydrogen molecules in the water molecule.

Phew! That was a long water explanation to get us to why the soulcan enter and create a unique biological form: the human body. I hold a knowing that souls are photon light, so they hold an electromagnetic field and are what are called force carriers. Photons in quantum mechanics exhibit wave-particle duality which means photons can be force carriers (wave information) or, when contained in a field, behave as particles. In other words, when there is an electromagnetic field created by the arrangement of protons, neutrons, and electrons, the electromagnetic fieldis the mechanism of transfer for field information on a soul level.

It is here we can begin to understand soul self-entry as the entrance of the soul (photon light) into human form through the structures of water. Given their unique bond and tetrahedron structures, they create an electromagnetic field in which photon light of the soul enters and is contained. The frequency of the photon light then moves through the water and the chromosomes of the human begin to line up.

So, now we begin to awaken or our head is hurting. Yet, here in the knowledge of lightning striking water, it facilitated an electric charge (like that of your photon light) and in the container of water transferred information and shared subatomic particles (electrons).

The soul bonding with the body when normal energetic development began took 1 – 14 years. Humans have lost the ability to be a field container for their souls and the photon light of the soul escapes, leaving one ever longing. Each living in a world void of the essence of the soul.

Begin Soul Self Entry, contain the photon light of your soul.  


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Container – is an electric field structure created from the particle arrangements of matter or photon light.

Soul – coded information on the vibrations of photon light.

Reflective Relationship – a balanced sharing of frequency on a photon light or particle level which creates more complex structures.