How Your Soul's Entry Into Body Affects Your Health

Author: Gia Findley

Like others out there, I have always been fascinated with how and why we are here on this journey as humans on Earth, and my wonderment grew even stronger when I became ill a few years ago and began my quest for healing.  Many of us know we are made up of energy and we carry an electric charge.  We can’t see energy, but we know it’s there through the experience of our bodies.  What Kiera refers to as Soul Self Entry, is the first stop in our energetic journey into human form.  As she states in her blog, “The frequency of the photon light then moves through the water and the chromosomes of the human begin to line up.”  This lining up of chromosomes is our soul essence energy communicating with and through water, to create our body in utero, and ultimately, the health of our body.  Soul Self Entry creates a safe container (or space, if you will) for us to develop in.  This container is critical to our long term health b/c it is our foundation, and how well we connect and communicate with it when our soul enters, determines whether or not we build a strong foundation or a faulty one.  Our foundation is important because, like a house, the rest of the structure is built on top of it.  Soul Self Entry is the first of several energetic structures in the body.  If it isn’t strong, it won’t hold, and neither will our health.  In other words, Soul Self Entry is the first building block to developing true, lasting health.  Without solid support in our first vortex/vertical energy center in the body (which is Soul Self Entry), we cannot develop our other vortexes fully, which means we are living with only partial development of our energy in body, which in turn, allows stuff in that we do not want, like viruses, for example.  Purchase Soul Self Entry and begin your journey of bringing more of your soul essence energy into body, creating a stronger foundation for your overall health and well being. 

Soul Orientation - “Without connection and communication with water, our health wanes and our epigenes downregulate.” – Kiera D. Laike.