Author: Kiera Donna Laike, IRW

The question of cruelty through the course of human history has long been looked at and confronted and yet currently cruelty continues in every aspect of human culture. To fully address and eliminate cruelty, each human must evolve past it in the nucleus accumbens in the brain.

Neuroscience has emerged and laid out the neuropeptide responses in the brain. Neuroscience has also laid out optimal frequencies of the brain related to the release of certain neuropeptides. This science to date has offered nothing beyond neuropeptide release which facilitates a sense of body response. For example:

            Dopamine – Pleasure and Reward

            Serotonin – Calm / Regulating

            GABA – Chill

            Glutamate – Exciting

            Norepinephrine – Arousal


In the Cruelty Ecliptic the frequency was set for the nucleus accumbens to release dopamine reward via a frequency that moves through the nucleus accumbens to stimulate dopamine release.

In an evolved human this would be under the control of the heart via the sensory neurons connected to flow from the deep front line of the fascia tracks through the nucleus accumbens portion of the brain.

So, this is why cruelty exists, because humans can only get and receive a dopamine reward from frequencies outside of themselves. Not from the flow of heart.

Begin to open your mind and listen to the Cruelty Ecliptic between June 1st and June 10th.


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Evolve by 13 Stages

Evolve By 13 Stages

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