What Would You Do to Not Fail?

What Would You Do to Not Fail?

Author: Kiera D. Laike, IRW

The concept of failure was put into human experience via the concept of success. Once the concept that one must amass money or power to succeed was believedand followed, most humans were willing to do anything to not fail.” (See last blog post “Money is Root of all Evil” on the concept of success.)

Humans have brought into being money, religions, cultures, shamanism, the craft, etc.; all showing one how to manipulate the element energies of Earth. One uses the elements literally or in action.

Those souls feel justified in manipulating because they are in form and long to experience. The use of Earth’s elements to facilitate anything other than movement relationship with Earth will end in sloth for that soul essence.

Movement Relationship: The human form evolved to have Earth’s elements move through the fascia tracks in the body, giving us movement relationship with Earth. Earth’s elements then organize through the purkinje cells of the cerebellum.

Purkinje cells are neurons with a highly ordered structure throughoutthe cerebellum. The sensing cells of the central nervous system all feed into the cerebellum and go through the purkinje cells. They are the largest neurons in the brain.

All of the signals to the purkinje cells move into nuclei embedded in the glia cells, the white matter, of the brain.  

This flow of the Earth elements through the cerebellum via the purkinje cells to the white matter allows for one’s soul essence to know where one is in time and space.

The soul essence then is not able to use the elements of Earth to avoid failure. The elements then move through the human form experiencing the essence of being.

Failure is a lie.

Evolve by 13 Stages

Evolve By 13 Stages

- Comments -

Denise: “There was a time when I participated in shamanism. From the teachings and practice of shamanism I believed power over the elements was meant to be harnessed with objects and used according to the direction from the teacher. At the time I had no understanding that there could be a relationship to the elements, only shown the power and control over. My mind set with the pull thinking power would come, saw this as an opportunity to become something more than I was. So, I kept going to the classes waiting for that grand illusion to be like the teacher. Promises spoken kept leading me to dead ends only to hear new promises to keep me interested. Then a moment of clarity came! Within me stirred - nothing came from this; no power came to me or the connection to control the elements. A deep yearning to be met dug in, I was done! That’s when I started practice and 13 Energetic and Developmental Stages. The very moment I started I knew deep inside this is where I am to be. I am being met were I was and who I am. Answers came in a form – a connection with my essence awakened me and began my journey. The 13 Stages supported me shifting from wanting power, control, and emptiness to a beautiful communication of what it means to be a sensory and energetic being here on Earth and “what is” our relationship with the elements and more, building every day.”

Sherry: "The movement of Earth's elements through the fascia tracks in my body is invaluable. One of the benefits is, I am now able to release tightness in my shoulders and back when I run Earth's elements through them, without taking any medication. Listening to the 13 Energetic Developmental Stages is giving me improved health and wellbeing."

Samantha C.: “I followed this definition of success most of my life climbing the corporate ladder to increase position, power and wages taking on whatever hours, stress and assignments were needed to do so. From the 13 Stages, I've redefined success/failure freeing myself from the lie of failure. There's no such thing."

Chris: ““I was raised in a very success-oriented family, where “failure” was not an option. Hence fear of failure has dictated most of my life. Walking the 13 Stages and moving into pulse relationship with earth elements, I experience flow and “being with what is” and it becomes clear that failure is a lie.”

Cindy: “Working with the 13 Stages has develop my movement relationship with Earth. It has been very helpful moving the elements through my body especially when needing the extra strength going up a big hill on my bike or just a difficult day at work.”

Talia S: “Understanding more about the emotional ecliptic frequencies of Success and now Failure has helped me realize that I have a fear of forming without restriction. I’ve often been hard on myself for “making the same mistakes” and wondered why certain things in my life were not changing. Through the support of the Stages and the information Kiera writes in these blogs I have reached a point in my development where I am beginning see how my fear of forming without restriction has lead me back into the same traps and beliefs of success and failure. Without my Energetic Development I know I would not be able to stay grounded or compassionate towards myself enough to face this and then begin to heal and move forward. I am so beyond grateful for this!”

Matthew: "Looking back I can see how I had made a sum of linear decisions to avoid what I deemed failure.. and ultimately to no benefit of the goal I was chasing.. certainly to no benefit of my soul journey. Recieving the structures offered in the 13 Stages has allowed me to experience movement as it was meant to be. Sinking in to the visceral experience of the Element flow through the fascia is one of my favorite aspects of daily practice. In that moment of pure communication I can be with 'what is'.. not needing or desiring anything more than the moment I am in. Here I have no fear of success or failure as I remember those credences were but man-made."


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